The main objects as stated in the company’s Memorandum of Association are inter-alia to carry on the business as Dealers, Traders, General order suppliers and to invest in industrial enterprises.

To carry on the business of dealers, general order suppliers, contractors, importers, exporters, merchants, stockiest, buyers, sellers, growers, agents, brokers, and dealers of tin cotton, jute, cotton goods, jute goods, textiles, yarns, synthetic goods, fibrous materials, mill, stores, coal, chemicals, paper, engineering goods and cast iron items.

To carry on the business as dealers, traders, buyers, sellers, distributors, manufacturers, assemblers, importers, exporters, repairers, mechanical engineers, carriage builders of four, three and two wheelers such as motor cars, motor cycles, scooters, auto-rickshaws, motor buses, motor omnibuses, motor vans, three wheelers, bicycles, commercial vehicles, tractors, chassis, trucks, other auto vehicles, earth moving equipment, trailers, and/or any other kinds of vehicles for the transport of persons, movable and immovable goods, live-stocks etc., whether propelled or moved by petrol, electricity, steam, oil, vapor or other motive or mechanical power or by any other means.

To trade, deal, distribute, buy, sell, assemble, manufacture, import, export, repair automobile parts, spare parts, components, attachments and parts thereof, tools, implements, lubricants, oil and other automobile consumables, pumps of all descriptions electric motor, electric fans, dynamos, alternators, lights and all machineries whether operated by electricity, petrol, steam, oil, vapor or other motive or mechanical power, and lacks, paint and other accessories and acquire, establish, conduct, maintain and run workshops, showrooms, service centres, service stations, body builders, body shops, training and driving schools, fairs, stalls, exhibition, campaign etc.,

To act as an Insurance Service provider by distributing, selling and/or servicing Insurance Policies/Products including Policy service delivery and Claim service delivery such as Third party liability coverage, Collision coverage and Comprehensive coverage or any other updated policies and products offered/to be offered by the insurer or the insurance intermediary from time to time and also add-ons such as NCB Retention, Zero depreciation, Medical Expense cover, Person accident cover, Consumables cover, Engine protection cover, Return to invoice, Loss of personal belongings, Key replacement and Road side assistance or any other sale/service of insurance products or policies that may be specifically permitted by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India.

To provide pre and post vehicle, property and real estate related services such as arrange/assist financial products to customers in coordination with the Banks and other Finance companies, Firm, Body Corporate and coordinate with customers for obtaining license, registration, conducting training/driving classes and/or other auxiliary / support services, value added services in connection with the objects of the company.

To impart vocational and skill development training programmes, such as automotive skill development viz., tele calling, dealership sales, dealership value added service executive, showroom hostess cum customer relationship executive, automotive service technician (2, 3 and 4 wheelers), receptionist, chauffeur, driver, commercial vehicle driver, housekeeping and other business auxiliary services and construction skill development viz., construction technology, civil engineering, architecture, mason, electrician, plumber, painter, decorator and building maintenance related services and other coveted skills as decided by the Management, to the general public, students, workers, employees, tradesman and people with other disciplines with or without collecting fees or payment of stipend.

To obtain affiliation / accreditation for the skill management / skill development under any scheme / project was / is developed by the Central / State Governments or any agency for and on behalf of the Central and State Government/s, provide infrastructure facilities, create training centres for imparting aforesaid training skills, co-ordinate and tie up with the consultant/s, consultancy firm/s and advisory firm/s for providing such training, engage trainers and issue certificates etc.,

To purchase or otherwise acquire lands, houses, buildings, sheds and other fixtures on land and buildings and to let them out on lease, rent, contract or any other agreement as may be deemed fit or to buy and sell lands, houses, apartments to any person on terms and conditions as may deemed fit, or to hold maintain, sell, allot houses, apartments, sheds, or buildings thereof to the shareholders or any other person or to carryon business of builders, surveyor, bricks, tile makers, lime burners, houses and estate agents.

To trade, deal, invest in, acquire, sell, transfer, subscribe for, hold and otherwise deal in and invest in any shares, bonds, stocks, obligations, issued or guaranteed by any company or companies constituted and carrying on business in India or elsewhere and debentures, debenture stocks, bonds, obligations and securities issued or guaranteed by any Government, State, Sovereign Commissioners, Central or Provincial public body or authority supreme, municipal, local otherwise whether in India or elsewhere and to promote, form or acquire any Company and to take, purchase or acquire shares or interest in any company and to transfer to any such company and property of this company either out of its own funds or out of funds that it might borrow.